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Baby carriage folding according to children's needs

The front wheel built-in spring shock absorber design, the natural pneumatic wheel shock absorber design, the rear axle built-in spring design, and the seat built-in spring shock absorber design provide the baby with four layers of protection, with super shock absorption effect, and always care for the baby's safety;
1. Front wheel built-in spring shock absorption design
By using the automotive shock absorption technology, the bumpy impact of the road surface can be reduced through the spring. The built-in spring helps prevent corrosion.
2. Shock absorption design of natural rubber inflatable wheel
The rear tires are natural rubber pneumatic tires, which have better shock absorption and anti-skid effect.
3. The design of the spring inside the rear axle
The spring in the rear axle is the baby's main center of gravity when sitting on the stroller, and the shock absorption effect is 4 times that of ordinary rubber wheels.
4. Built in spring shock absorption design of seat
The seat is in direct contact with the baby, but it is not enough to rely only on the tires to disperse the impact force of bumpy road conditions. Therefore, installing a shock absorber spring device at the seat can maximize the shock absorption of the spring in the seat, and ensure the safety of the baby.

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