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There are many brands of baby (children's) strollers on the market, with different designs. How to select the right baby, but also the best quality stroller?
First of all, according to the baby's age to determine the type of purchase. If the family economic conditions allow, before the baby is 4 years old, should be purchased to replace the second stroller.
Baby stroller, originated in Europe, has more than three hundred years of history, but the emergence of only a dozen years in China, and now China has become the world's largest stroller manufacturing countries, some foreign safety substandard and banned models, but flooded the domestic market, at any time threatening the safety of babies. Today's market stroller can be broadly divided into suitable for general home, go out for a long time to use the luxury type (divided into full lie, half lie) and emphasize the light suitable for frequent out of the light type (also known as umbrella car). Another special role in the outdoors, larger tires (such as pedal car can be inflatable tires) can push the baby running tricycle

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