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Can the baby lounger be used in a higher position?

Baby loungers are typically designed for babies to use in lower positions, providing a comfortable and safe resting environment. Placing the baby lounger in a higher position may pose a safety hazard. Babies may not be able to effectively protect themselves from injuries caused by falls or other accidents.
Therefore, it is not recommended to use the baby lounger in a higher position. When using a baby lounger, make sure it is placed on a flat and stable ground, and follow the safety recommendations and usage guidelines in the product manual. Meanwhile, when using any baby products, parents should always stay near the baby to respond and handle any unexpected situations in a timely manner.
In addition, parents should also pay attention to checking the stability and safety of the baby lounger to ensure that there are no damaged or missing components, and follow the correct installation and use methods. This can minimize the risk of accidents and provide a safe and comfortable resting environment for babies.
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